About us

We’ve created an intelligent training space where you can safely and systematically gain optimal movement skills. We know how to improve your posture, muscle balance and movement patterns. Under our expert guidance you will experience strength-and-conditioning techniques that are goal-driven, progressive and that bring results. We hope you’ll enjoy working out with us as much as we look forward to seeing you.

All started in 2013

Established in Wallisellen on the Zurich city boundary, our studio has grown to accommodate people of all walks of life such as weekend warriors, professional athletes, businesspersons, sporting amateurs, men, pregnant and postnatal women, seniors and people with back pain and in Rehab just to name a few.

We believe in intelligent training programs that are based on relevant information and effort. We care about you understanding your body, posture and movement patterns as this facilitates improved health and wellbeing. Our teaching techniques draw upon the latest scientific research which means our information is up-to-date and also evidence based.

We strive to offer you the best personal service in a welcoming atmosphere where you can discover and learn true ease and economy of movement. Whether it’s Pilates, Functional Fitness or Pilates for Rehabilitation, come and experience the training fundamentals that will keep you doing what you love doing for longer.

Our core values

  • Seek the best version of you in movement
  • Understand your unique and individual needs
  • Be a constant source of positive change

  • Live each day actively with full freedom of movement
  • Embrace learning and new ways of doing things
  • Do what we love and love what we do
  • Create balance in all areas of life


Owner, Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher
The human body is a marvellous biomechanical system designed for movement. Correct movement of the body leads to an efficient balance of all its interrelated parts. Strive for this balance, it’s a journey well worth it.

Breathing is the origin of all movement 

The props

The Pilates Method in its truest form embraces all pieces of equipment designed and developed by Joseph Pilates. A Pilates workout that integrates all the Pilates equipment is one of the most rewarding. Read more about the primary pieces of Pilates equipment from our certified manufacturer Pilatech.

The Universal Reformer is the most renowned of all Pilates equipment. It consists of a wooden structure that accommodates a gliding carriage. The springs attached to one end of the wheeled and padded carriage allow gliding movement back and forth due to a handle-and-strap pulley system at the other end. It is a very simple and yet versatile piece of equipment that is supplemented with various accessories – long box, pole, prolongation straps, jump board – granting a vast range of exercises. The exercises – in supine, prone, seated, kneeling and standing positions – range from athletic preparation to orthopedic rehabilitation.
The Cadillac evolved from the elementary concept of physiotherapy equipment as it was implemented in hospitals during the last century. It bears resemblance to a bed with a fixed metallic frame assembled above from which various springs and accessories may be fixed at different angles and heights. The Cadillac is predominantly used for more static, isometric exercises and is considered the second most important piece of Pilates equipment.
Tower / Wall-Unit
The Tower or Wall-Unit is a piece of apparatus based on the Cadillac. The Tower promotes the use of good body mechanics, integrating the back and abdominal muscles for spinal flexion, axial elongation and extension. Classes utilising the Tower involve both arm spring and leg spring exercises. The focus is first on stabilising the pelvis and spine. After having mobilised the spine, it is then held still whilst working with good control to move the extremities.
High Chair / Wunda Chair
The original version of the Chair in a closed position resembled a simple armchair. However once opened and turned upside down, it revealed its function with a mobile platform attached to springs to regulate resistance. Today the Chair has been developed into a substantial piece of studio equipment which allows the promotion of good posture, balance and muscular strength. The exercises are executed in standing, seated and kneeling positions as well as lying supine, prone and sideways.
Ladder Barrel
There are three variations of the Barrel, the largest being the Ladder Barrel. It has a vertical stainless steel “L” structure with wooden bars like a ladder and a padded wooden semicircular part similar to a lying barrel. Exercises range from basic back and leg stretches to intense abdominal training.
Magic Circle
The Magic Circle is a metallic ring approximately 40 cm in diameter. The ring is covered by flexible plastic or a soft, rubber shell. Padded handles on both the inside and outside of the ring allow for added comfort. The Magic Circle can be applied to isometric exercises, during Pilates on the Mat or as a complementary tool on the Reformer to further challenge balance and control.
Spine Corrector / Small Barrel
The Spine Corrector or Step Barrel is intermediate in size to the Ladder Barrel. It’s semicircular part is directly connected to a small step on one side. The small barrel or arc (not pictured) is a smaller variation of the Spine Corrector without a step.