Terms & Conditions

These terms and the evaluation form signed prior to the commencement of training constitute the binding contract between Body Props Pilates and the client for the supply of health promoting services.

Bookings and Payment

Bookings for all training sessions – Studio, Mat and Specialty Group Pilates – are essential. All classes must be pre-booked and pre-paid no later than 10 days after receipt of the bill. Payment can be made by via payment slip or e-banking.

Migros Bank, Zürich Oerlikon / IBAN: CH67 0840 1000 0566 5768 4 / SWIFT: MIGRCHZZ80A / Clearing: 8401


Due to the exclusivity of booked sessions, no refund will be given for skipped classes or cancellations at short-notice. Should attendance be cancelled in less than 24-hours, we are obliged to charge the full fee and deduct this session from the package. Booked sessions that have been cancelled in advance may be made up for in another class pending availability. Classes to make up leeway can only be taken within the validity period of the package.


The studio is to be notified of absence due to injury and/or illness. Missed classes may be recouped by an extension of the validity period for pre-paid packages provided that a valid doctor’s certificate is presented.


Purchased packages (Session Pass / Class Pass) are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

Validity of pre-paid packages

Studio Pilates (solo / duo / trio)
10 Session Pass:  6 months from the commencement of training.
6 Session Pass:  3 months from the commencement of training.

Mat and Pregnancy/Best Age/Teenager
10 Class Pass:  14 weeks from the commencement of training.
6 Class Pass:  10 weeks from the commencement of training.

Schedule and Pricing

The class schedule and prices are subject to change. Any amendments will be communicated in writing.

Holidays and Trainings

Instructor’s leave of absence due to holidays or further education will be communicated verbally and in writing. A deputy teacher will be organised as far as possible so fixed classes can still take place.

Client Data

The collection of client data will be used solely for the purpose of establishing the clients’ state of health and training goals. This is conducted with our evaluation form and all clients are required to complete and submit it before training commences.


Clients are obliged to inform their Pilates instructor in writting of any injuries, physical affliction or pregnancy.

Personal Liability

Clients are fully liable for their person and personal effects in the studio. Body Props Pilates GmbH assumes no liability for loss, mishap, injury or accident. Please effect insurance on your part.

House Etiquette

  • Mobile phones to photograph, film or telephone in the studio are strictly forbidden.
  • The studio is a “shoe-free” zone; training may be carried out in socks or barefoot.
  • Drinks and snacks may only be consumed at the bistro table.
  • All lying surfaces of equipment are to be wiped over with the cleaning solvent and cloth provided after use.
  • Mat and Specialty Group clients are requested to bring a large, light-weight towel to place on the studio mats.
  • A spacious bathroom with shower is available to clients in the studio.


The surrounding parking zones – blue, white and underground garage – are available to clients. Body Props Pilates GmbH has no influence on the tariff-rate.  All problems that occur in the context of parking are to be dealt with the responsible partly directly.